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Goddess Aphrodite

New York [Spain]


As far back as I can remember. In my mind, I have always been female, but I had the physical body of a male. When I was a child, I was in very many ways like all other boys. I was physically a boy, but I also used to dress and act like a girl.

Praying to God every night to wake up and be a woman.

One day in my early childhood I had a family party Where i saw  my hay cousin dressing and acting like a happy woman being herself and my family was very supportive. That was the moment when I understood that I wasn’t the only person who was in a “different body”.

After this day I started to pray to God again but this time to be/look like a cisgender woman.

My mom was very mean to me for being gay during my childhood and when I was a teenager.. she always loved me but she wouldn’t accept me being gay because of our society, she was always scared for me to be rejected and/or loved.

After attempting to kill myself at the age of 15years old for not living my truth as I wanted to live , my mom finally accepted my as her gay child.

When I was 16 and came to the USA I started to careless about people who didn’t loved me or supported me, even if it was a family member.

At the age of 18 I found out about HRT (hormones replacement therapy) which completely changed my life!

The beginning of this journey wasn’t so easy but It wasn’t hard as I thought it could be.

I was ready to lost all of my friends and family members, even though most people already knew that I always felt and wanted to become the most beautiful woman.

Thank God nothing changed in my life other than my outside, my friends and family were and still are super supportive.



Now in 2021 after 4 years of my transition I been living my life happier than ever.

Having online classes made my life way more flexible with travel and meetings.

I love to learn new languages and cultures( last language I learned was 5 years ago and It was Korean).

I never had a boyfriend yet, I consider myself a very pick and love person, I like long lasting relationships I do not want to waste one of the most beautiful gift that we have (OUR TIME).

Finding myself so confident attractive and real I love to provide to my selected ones a unforgettable time full of joy and excitement, have you thinking what my next look is going to be like or what undone (la cosa sin hacer) thing  is going to feel and be like.

Everyone has it, or a part of ourselves that we have tried to bury but is so inherent that it torments us until we let it out.

It is a need. Maybe for you it is a need to let go of control… 

/or it is a need to be useful. 

/a need to crossdress. 

/a need to explore taboos.

/a need to be humiliated

/or a need ……..            

For Mistress Aphrodite , it cannot just be summed up by a need to dominate. As a dominant empath, she is deeply fulfilled by composing personalized experiences that untether you from the outside world, freeing you from the judgement that exists there. Through trust, discipline, sadomasochism, bondage, role-play, seduction and other mischief, she will crack you open to rip away your mask. Lay yourself at her feet. Only then will you find yourself blissfully in the present. 

With 2+ years of experience, her technical + psychological skills are sharp. She takes care during pre-scene communications to negotiate boundaries and interests, ensuring that a mutually enjoyable experience is architected.

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Agency: TS Social CLub

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